Golden-Crowned Kinglet

These tiny birds are only ten centimeters (four inches) from tip to tail, and can be found in this area year-round. In North America only some hummingbirds are smaller than kinglets.

Their call is often overlooked because it is so high-pitched, but once you become aware of it you may be surprised by how often there are Golden-crowned Kinglets lurking in the canopy layer! They usually stick to coniferous trees, and can be seen on Hedgerows. They feed on small insects, spiders eggs, and other arthropods.

Photo by Minette Layne

Usually song birds are quite territorial during the summer when they have a mate and a nest to defend, but it can be wise to flock together during the winter. That way, if there is a predator they can alert each other, and if it is cold they can huddle together to conserve warmth. Golden-crowned Kinglets commonly form flocks during the winter, with other species such as Black-capped Chickadees.