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Practical Benefits of Cover Crops

Learn more about the economic and ecological benefits of cover crops

Tracking Snow Geese by sound

Read our new blog post about a trial project we’ve started to monitor Snow Goose movements on farmland by their calls

Taking Cover for Winter: How to Protect Farm Soil

Interested in learning more about the DF&WT Winter Cover Crop Program?

Check out our new blog post

Day at the Farm Sept 9, 2023

Planning has begun, mark your calendars!


Our Values

Nature-based Solutions

partnering with farmers to enhance on farm habitat through payments for ecological services


exploring the links between growing food and wildlife, pollinators, and carbon sequestration


connecting people with resources to understand the relationship between wildlife habitat and farming

Delta Farmland & Wildlife Trust is a non-profit organization that promotes the preservation of farmland and wildlife habitat in the Fraser River estuary of British Columbia, Canada through co-operative land stewardship with local farmers.

Since our establishment in 1993, over 89,000 acres of winter cover crops, 14,600 acres of grassland set-asides and 10 km of hedgerows have been planted and maintained.

Approximately $10 million has been disbursed through our stewardship programs to the farming communities of Delta and Richmond, BC to support agricultural practices that improve biodiversity and support long-term soil health.

Stewardship Programs

Grassland Set-aside

The Grassland Set-aside Stewardship Program encourages farmers to plant fields with grasses and broadleaf plants to restore the soil.

Winter Cover Crop

The Winter Cover Crop Stewardship Program helps farmers establish vegetative cover on their fields before winter.

Laser Leveling and Soil Amendment

The Laser Leveling and Soil Amendment Stewardship Programs supports farmers in managing and maintaining soil productivity.

Hedgerow and Grass Margin

The Hedgerow and Grass Margin Stewardship Programs assists farmers in planting native trees, shrubs, and grasses on their farms.

“For the Farmer” information and program forms.

Delta Farmland - Farmers Working Field

Scientific Resources

Research is a necessary component of the work we do at DF&WT as we are constantly innovating our programs to optimize the impact they have on soil health and wildlife habitat.

Our Field Technician is actively monitoring the quantity of wildlife impacted by our stewardship programs. DF&WT also collaborates with local academic institutions to deliver up-to-date research on the effectiveness of natural systems installed on agricultural fields.

Current Research Projects

  • Monitoring breeding birds in our Grassland Set-asides
  • Evaluating the impacts of our Winter Cover Crops
  • Evaluating waterfowl by field type
  • Evaluating the relationship between natural system, beneficial insects, pests, and blueberry crop yield

Upcoming Research Projects

  • Monitoring bats in our Grassland Set-asides
  • Monitoring herons & raptors in our Grassland Set-asides
  • Monitoring owls in our Grassland Set-asides

Upcoming Events

Day At The Farm

Every September 4,000-5,000 residents from across Metro Vancouver come out to our fun-filled event to learn all about the inner workings of local agricultural practices.


30th Anniversary Summer Solstice BBQ – June 17th, 2023

Day at the Farm – September 9th, 2023

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